Motion Diagram is an interdisciplinary workshop within an intimate family which, artistically, teaches you to create and narrate your reading of architectural concepts in the language of motion diagrams. Each workshop is held both online and in attendance according to the call in different cities.

motion graphic descriptions along with learning a professional software (Afftereffect), creates different facilities for more better attractive graphics. You are an artist and what you have in mind for being created is fine, useful. so with motion lessons, you can understand different artistic aspects of an idea.

It is good to know that the products of the Motion Diagram workshop are make with the help of Aftereffect software؛ So we will teach it to you in the course from Beginner to where it includes your requirements. Furthermore, we will work with excess softwares like Premier, Cinema 4D and Rhino. Each session has its own brief title and the students will practice under the supervision of an instructor.

The prerequisite for Motion diagram is creativity and a desire to learn; Although, familiarity with Photoshop accelerates the learning process.

Basics/ Diagram

Sense/ Anime

Modern Arch

Story Telling

Sense/ Archetype

Business/ M-D

Gallery of students’ works / updating